About Us

Sanexas is the industry leader in electronic signaling science and technology and is driven by these focused strategies:

  • To incorporate the latest research and technology development into products and services to pursue growth in the medical marketplace.

  • To be an efficient, cost competitive producer of innovative electronic medical devices.

  • To enhance our customer focus and relationships by constantly improving quality, delivery and service after the sale.

  • To maintain and build on a fiscally solid financial base.

Sanexas takes pride in our comprehensive international network of highly trained professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. 

Sanexas’ extensive research and development efforts are the foundation for success in the discovery, evaluation and production of unique and innovative state-of-the-art electronic solutions to satisfy the desires and requirements of the healthcare profession.

Sanexas’ electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering staff lead the field in the development of a number of patented therapeutic treatment systems.

We at Sanexas do not measure value solely in terms of short-term profitability. For us, it is just as important to only offer the finest quality treating equipment and to be a respected corporate citizen in all of the countries in which we operate.

Our global network is a network of innovation – a network that draws on the best of many diverse cultures for the benefit of our customers, our research personnel, our employees and our partners.

We provide comprehensive integrative healthcare solutions for many medical specialties and support the diagnosis and therapy programs in hospitals, medical teaching facilities, clinics, and private practice facilities with our innovative, patient-centered medical systems.

For Sanexas, sustainability is key and covers economic success, the responsible use of all resources, and our relationship to society. We view it not as a static target, but as the path to creating balance between the economy, ecology and society.

Sanexas is committed to protecting the environment. Our environmental mission statement underscores the commitment and emphasizes the principle of sustainable development. The Sanexas environmental mission statement reads as follows:

“Our knowledge and our technical solutions are helping to create more medical treatment options as well as a better world. We have a responsibility to the wider community and we are committed to environmental protection.”

We support, wholeheartedly, the dissemination of knowledge needed for sustainable development through the transfer of knowledge in the fields of engineering, medicine and technology, wherever we operate as a company.

Our partnership affiliations with scientific research and technical development have driven the growth of our company by numerous product innovations for the medical industry. Sanexas is based on a history of complex engineering, electronics and signal generation expertise. 

The goal of Sanexas corporate technology is – in cooperation with our technology development partners – is to continue pace in technological progress and to continue shaping the future with complex medical innovations. The in-depth knowledge of all of our employees and agents will become the decisive factors for achieving our corporate vision… to fulfill the needs of our healthcare customers with technically superior innovative products, systems and therapeutic solutions.

Sanexas is in a perpetual state of transformation, developing new products and improving processes to meet our customers’ constantly changing needs and expectations, as well as those of the dynamic medical industry.

As one of the world’s preeminent electronics companies, Sanexas provides unparalleled technology, products and services to its customers across the globe!

No matter which team is “on the job”, no matter where in the world, our customers can be sure they are working with some of the most creative, tenacious and technically-trained people in the medical industry.

The management and employees of Sanexas are committed to a strong self-governance program. This commitment is aligned with the company’s corporate goal to enhance stockholder value. Maintaining the company’s reputation for quality, reliability, integrity, and customer responsiveness is critical to achieving this goal.